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Point-of-Use Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Chronomite point of use tankless water heaters come in three varieties: the Instant-Flow SR, the Instant-Flow Micro and the Instant-Temp. All Chronomite point of use tankless water heaters offer energy efficiency, compact size and unlimited hot water. 

What is an instantaneous or instant hot water heater?

Chronomite instantaneous hot water heaters or instant water heaters are designed for buildings where hot water is not readily accessible.  The value of an SR model instantaneous or instant water heater is you only need to supply the water heater with a cold-water line. 

  • For inline or booster point of use applications:

Instantaneous means instant, immediate, on the spot, quick, and rapid.  To have instant hot water, the water heater needs to be installed within 18 inches of the point of use, so you will have water immediately, not waiting for water to arrive and not wasting water.

What is point of use?

A Chronomite “point of use” water heater uses a cold-water line only and provides instant hot water when installed within 18 inches of point of use.

Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank Water Heater

Storage tank hot water heaters work 24/7 waiting for you to use the hot water.  Tankless water heaters, installed at the point of use, heat water only when you need it.  You only use energy when you need hot water because the water heater is installed within 18 inches of the point of use,  and you reduce water waste.  No waiting for hot water! No wasting water!