Chronomite is Prepared for 2014 Lead-Free Laws

Lead FreeDecember 17, 2013 – CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA -- Morris Group International, parent company of Chronomite, recently released a statement regarding the Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act that will go into effect in the United States on January 4, 2014. The statement outlines the requirements of the lead free law and the steps that Morris Group International companies, including Chronomite, have taken to comply with the law and certify their products as lead-free.

Chronomite and the other divisions and partnerships of Morris Group International have been preparing for lead-free regulations for some time. While self-compliance is acceptable under the new federal law, Chronomite has sought and obtained IAPMO certification for many of its products to provide added assurance to our valued customers.

To learn more about the lead free law, steps Morris Group International has taken to ensure compliance, and which Chronomite products are certified, visit our Lead-Free page.