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Chronomite Releases New Brochure and Flyers

Chronomite is proud to announce our new Electric Tankless Water Heaters Brochure. In the brochure, find the newest additions to our family of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters. In addition, we have released two brand new flyers for our new high capacity water heaters:

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Tired of surprise cold showers? Chronomite is proud to introduce Mighty-mite®, our High Capacity Tankless Electric Water Heater. Mighty-mite® is powerful enough in a standalone application to provide endless hot water for mixed-use development, retail, apartments, condos and multi-family electric tankless water heating applications. Mighty-mite® effectively replaces your tank style water heater with a unit that is smaller and more efficient. For boost applications, use Mighty-mite® to extend the capacity of existing tank-style water heaters. Mighty-mite® kicks into action when you need it most!

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Step aside, Rocky. Boxer™ has arrived. Ideal for emergency drench shower and eyewash applications with a need for greater hot water output, Boxer™ provides endless reliable tepid water with 3.0 to 30.0 gpm flow rates and is compliant with ANSI Z358.1 requirements. Boxer™ only uses energy when the unit is activated. A lot of water fast at the right temperature, when you don’t have time to waste!

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