BOXER® Tankless Large Capacity/High Flow Heater

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Meet BOXER®, the innovative new addition to Chronomite’s family of point of use tankless electric water heaters. BOXER® provides tepid water on demand (3.0 to 30.0 gpm endlessly) for emergency drench showers and combination units that include a drench shower and eye/face wash station. With a tankless electic water heater, water is only heated and used as needed, saving power when compared to storage tanks, which must continuously heat stored water and risk running out of water. In addition, BOXER® tankless water heaters are capable of supplying the specified flow rate of tepid water endlessly, eliminating the risk of running out of tepid water. Finally, the BOXER® does not require a hot and cold mixing valve, simplifying installation.

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ERB Series
ERB - Tankless Electric Water Heater Large Capacity

ERB Applications
Tankless Electric Water Heater for Eye Wash & Drench Shower

Applications for BOXER® Delivering the Knock-Out Punch to ANSI 358.1

BOXER® provides tepid water for emergency wash/drench equipment such as:


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