Introducing The Chronomite® Booster Heaters Flyer

Chronomite Booster Flyer

Chronomite® is excited to announce the release of a new flyer showcasing Booster Water Heaters!

Tired of waiting for hot water? What you need is a boost! Chronomite Booster Water Heaters work in tandem with your existing tank-style water heater to increase hot water capacity by 50% (M Series), all the way up to 100% (R Series)!

  • Effectively monitor the main hot water supply temperature feeding to all fixtures of your home.
  • Once the temperature drops, Chronomite Boosters kick into gear with the power you need, right when you need it!
  • When the tank adequately releases hot water again, the Booster will automatically shut off.

Quick and easy, just like that.

Download the new Booster Water Heaters flyer to learn how easy it is to install and maintain a Booster. Discover how Boosters can help you enjoy hot water for as long as you want.