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Applications: Residential, Whole House

Tired of surprise cold showers? Introducing MIGHTY-mite® Chronomite's high capacity, tankless electric water heater. MIGHTY-mite® is ideal for eyewashes and eyewash / facewash stations. Powerful enough in a standalone application, to provide endless hot water for a multi family, apartments, condo and mixed use development, replacing the tank style water heater.

Boost application use MIGHTY-mite® to existing tank style water heaters to extend the capacity of your tank. MIGHTY-mite® kicks into action when you need it most!

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R Series
Residential Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Applications: Commercial, Multiple Station Eyewashes and Handwashing Systems

Low activation for Multiple Handwashing sink stations, showers, public lavatories, apartments, condos, mixed use development Standard activation for Mop, Service, Utility sinks and Showers. High activation for emergency safety equipment.

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ER Series
multiple hand washing stations

Applications: Commercial, Emergency Drench Shower and Eyewashes

Step aside, Rocky. BOXER® has arrived.

  • Ideal for Emergency Drench Showers, Safety Eyewash/Facewash Stations, Eyewash/Facewash Combination Drench Shower Equipment and Multiple Eyewash Stations.
  • BOXER® is ANSI Z358.1 compliant and provides reliable tepid water flow rates from 3.0 to 30 gpm, only using energy while in use. 
  • The Digital Microprocessor provides Ultra quick response time controlling hot water temperatures 120 x per second eliminating concern for scalding and the need for mixing valves. A lot of Water Fast, at the Right Temperature, when you Don't Have Time to Waste!

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ERB Series
Emergency Safety Drench Shower Eyewash Facewash Combination