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Unlimited header Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential sinks in restrooms and kitchenettes.


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Instant-flow® C-Micro activates at an ultra low flow rate of 0.20 Gallons (0.75 Liters) per minute. There is no pressure and temperature valve needed (unless required by code), saving time and money on installation while providing an endless supply of reliable hot water.

Time savings

Instant-Flow® C-Micro maintains consistent and reliable hot water by regulating water temperature 120 times per second!

Money Savings

No mixing valves means that scalding is eliminated, while activation at only 0.2 gallons per minute saves time, money and energy.


INSTANT-FLOW® C-MICRO delivers endless hot water to a variety of applications including:

  • dot icon Office Buildings dot icon Homes dot icon Schools dot icon Restaurants
    dot icon Manufacturing Plants

Reliable hot water at any point of use, all while remaining seamlessly inconspicuous.
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How it works Diagram

Instant Flow header

  • dot icon Digital microprocessor technology
  • dot icon Endless hot water
  • dot icon Saves space – smallest foot print
  • dot icon 50% more energy efficient than traditional heaters
  • dot icon Maintains consistent water temperature
  • dot icon Eliminates scalding, preset factory temperature with no mixing valves required
  • dot icon Vandal-resistant, rugged cast aluminum housing (standard)
  • dot icon Ideal for sensor/hands-free faucets with 104°F (40°C) antiscald, 110°F ADA, and 120°F Health code

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Meets CAL GREEN low flow requirements.

CM series

Leed logo Meets LEED v4 low flow requirements