Chronomite Introduces High Capacity Heater

Chronomite, an innovator in the tankless water heater market, is pleased to announce the new High Capacity Heater.

The High Capacity Heater expands the capabilities of Chronomite’s tankless water heater line. They can be used with more than one fixture at a time and have higher maximum flow rates, making it possible for them to be used with more fixture types. Low and Standard flow models are available.

The High Capacity heater comes in Low, Standard and High Activations for industrial and commercial applications. A residential model is also available. The wide range of available models service dishwashers, kitchen sinks, lavatories, bar sinks, service sinks, mop sinks, showers, eye washes, and face washes.

To learn more about Chronomite’s new high capacity heater, please visit our high capacity heater page in the products section of www.chronomite.com.